Medical Billing Clearinghouses Streamline Reimbursement and Claim Processing

Medical billing clearinghouses are quickly becoming an essential part of the healthcare reimbursement field. Medical billing clearinghouses are basically organizations that do electronic medical claims processing and reimbursement. The electronic processing of healthcare claims has made the process much easy for both the healthcare insurance providers and the physicians. The physicians now have to wait for a much shorter time to receive their reimbursement. In the olden days before the electronic submission of the medical claims was with us, home - based medical billers used to do the job. Submitting a claim and consequently following up on it took an eternity. Worse, there were many denied claims every year. This non - electronic submission of claims for processing was not only wasteful but also cumbersome.

The process used a lot of paper because the claims were mailed by post. Wastage of paper was very high. The insurance providers on the other hand lost most of their money to maintaining the postal claims and the staff that were employed to man the post. Medical billing clearinghouses have not only helped save on paper, but also on the money used to pay the postal service. Medical billing clearinghouses use the electronic mail system by filling the CMS 1500 form which they then mail to the insurance providers. Clearinghouses have made this process very simple and efficient. The physicians now get the exact reimbursement amounts and also have more business time to treat more patients per day. The medical billing clearinghouses also have the obligation to check and confirm that there are not mistakes on the bills. Visit for more info.

Many of the physicians know that non - compliance in the area of reimbursement and claims processing could result in very harsh fines and sometimes could lead to criminal charges. This is even worse when government institutions such as Medicaid or Medicare. It is therefore a wise move on the part of the physician to contract a medical billing clearinghouse that will not only do quality control but also take up the liability. It is therefore important to choose the right medical billing clearinghouse so that you do not get into legal issues due to non - compliance. It is also prudent to check out the fees the different clearing houses charge. Apex EDI offers medical billing clearinghouse services for practitioners in all fields. They will handle all your medical claims processing with utmost professionalism.

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